10 issues Keryn Delaney loves about Kelowna

Two and a half years ago, our family went on a whirlwind mission to Canada, visiting Montreal, Ontario, and BC.

Canada is a beautiful country. But the Canadians probably already know that. BC is majestic, even imposing.

But despite the opportunities Canada would offer, we were not ready then to make a final decision to emigrate.

Why? Well, because I’m from Durban, South Africa and the idea of ​​emigrating was both intimidating and complicated.

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<p>And the thought of it was sad too.  We would leave our roots, history, friends, family, and local businesses where everyone would know our names. </p>
<p>However, we have decided to officially emigrate from South Africa to Canada in 2020. </p>
<p>We landed in Kelowna on November 12th, 2020.  It was the first time in my life that I saw snow.  At home in South Africa the average annual temperature is 25 ° C. </p>
<p>Emigration in the midst of a pandemic has only added to our sense of isolation.  Not only did we not know anyone in Kelowna, but the COVID-19 restrictions made it impossible to change that. </p>
<p>It was tough, I felt overwhelmed and panicked.  What was I thinking about uprooting our family and moving to a country we barely knew?</p>
<p>It’s six months later and now I’m jumping out of bed full of energy.  There is so much space to breathe here, so many new adventures await us and a newly found feeling of exhilaration. </p>
<p>Here are the top 10 things I love about Kelowna:</p>
<p>1. The chance was decisive for our decision to emigrate.  Our children have part-time jobs and now have the opportunity to go to world-class universities.  My husband and I have found great jobs too. </p>
<p>2. The lack of crime in Kelowna is very different than at home.  We feel safe when we go for a walk, sit back in the parks and linger on the beaches in the evening. </p>
<p>3. We have just welcomed a 9 week Dane.  There are so many dog-related things to do in Kelowna.  Toby not only makes new friends, we do too!</p>
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4. I get goose bumps every time I see people driving by for ambulances. It’s selfless and respectful.

5. There is acceptance, kindness, and encouragement for self-expression throughout Kelowna.

6. Hanging flower baskets are such a rustic splash of color that invigorates my soul and immediately puts a smile on my face.

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<p>7. So many people have tattoos here and there are many tattoo shops.  I love a tattoo … or two or three.  Canadians too.  Ah, we are soul mates.</p>
<p>8. There are a variety of cycle paths that allow safe exploration of the city.  I find the varied means of transport delightful!  Seeing everyone walking the streets is so uplifting.</p>
<p>9. Big seasons mean we’ve been snowboarding at Big White for the first time in our lives!  Now we’re sunbathing on the beach and swimming in the lake.  I also have the excuse to buy both winter and summer wardrobes. </p>
<p><img alt= Photo credit: Contributed “src =” https://www.kelownanow.com/files/files/images/Tyler%20and%20I%20trying%20out%20snowboarding.jpg “style =” margin: 5px; “/>

10. There are so many sports cars. Impressive! We also stare in awe at the boat and yacht littered lake with its impressive sound systems.

One thing I don’t like about Canada: there is no biltong. It’s a South African delicacy that is similar to jerky, but differs in terms of ingredients, taste and texture, and the manufacturing process. We miss it very much!

Thank you again Kelowna for your welcome, the opportunity, and for allowing my family to begin our new adventure here in beautiful Canada.

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