A tree grows in Kelowna – so does a home | archive

The primary silver maple on the property was about 18 inches in diameter when they purchased the property. Today it’s well over 40.

And as that tree grew, so did the Camerons’ family – which now includes three grown children – and the house.

In the past 37 years, her home has grown from a modest 1,700 square feet to a more spacious 3,500 square feet, including in 1995 for a room that houses John’s extensive vinyl collection.

The architect kept the original specifications simple. He liked the Craftsman style and designed a house with high ceilings and lots of light. “No matter where you stand, you can always see two different directions,” he says.

Although the couple didn’t need it when they first built it, John had to design a three bedroom home because the bank refused to give the couple a loan to build a modern, fewer bedroom home. “They said this house would never sell if it didn’t have three bedrooms. So we called the office a ‘bank bedroom’ just to please you,” chuckles Laura.

Paintings, prints, posters, items collected while traveling, family photos and a mix of modern and antique furniture make up the decor. It’s an eclectic mix built over the years that speaks to the couple’s wide-ranging interests.

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