Are you making an attempt to eat vegan? Takeout Tuesday will help | Kelowna Dines

Esquites, a Mexican corn salad, is on the menu at Little Ve’s, a vegan Latin American restaurant that offers roadside take-away only.

A reader and friend has house guests – their son, his wife, and their two young children.

She’s not sure how long they are staying because they are leaving her home for remodeling. But she’s not worried that they’ll run out of reception. She doesn’t see the grandchildren often because they live in Kansas City.

But eating could be a challenge. The couple have adopted a vegan lifestyle.

Takeout Tuesday can help.

Cheeky Buddha Burger Bar, 707 S. 24th St.: This new restaurant serves the plant-based Impossible burger, adding side dishes like tomatillo and crispy seaweed to create vegan entrees that have garnered acclaimed diners. One meat eater said in an online testimonial that if he could get vegan food like this every day, he would convert. Side dishes include vegan macaroni and rice with cheese and green bamboo tea. Beer recommendations are on the menu.

Night flight pizza, 624 S. 72nd St.: We had several delicious non vegan brick oven baked pizzas from this place including a delicious pineapple cake. (Yes, I know all about the pineapple-to-pizza polarization, and I’m a proud fan.) Night Flight also has a great vegan menu – with stromboli, calzones, and even chicken tenders. The owners say that most of their pizzas come in vegan form. You can even get vegan cinnamon stick pastries.

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