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An image of what Bernard Block will look like when complete. The Brooklyn tower is on the left.

The crane that collapsed Monday morning in downtown Kelowna was working on the first of three towers for Mission Group’s Bernard Block project, which broke ground in 2019.

That tower is the 25-storey, 178-unit Brooklyn at Bernard Block, whose top floor had its final concrete pour in February. The building will feature Kelowna’s highest rooftop terrace and will also boast retail space at street level.

Brooklyn was originally scheduled to be ready for residents in early 2021, but no new opening date has been released.

The other two towers scheduled to go up on the site of the former Bargain Shop on Bernard Avenue are the 34-storey Bertram at Bernard Block and The Block, a 13-storey commercial building.

Mission Group earlier this year used an innovative piling technique to start the foundation of the Bertram tower, which is scheduled to be ready for late 2023 or early 2024. It will feature a rooftop pool, hot tub, community garden, outdoor sports area, indoor gym and main floor shared workspace.

Mission Group, which is a Kelowna-based development company, bought the Bernard Avenue land in 2017.


UPDATE 2 p.m.

The Central Okanagan Regional District says residents near the downtown crane collapse who have been evacuated can go to the Salvation Army at 1480 Sutherland Avenue for Emergency Support Services

Separately, families of those injured or missing should go to the Parkinson Recreation Centre (McIntosh Room) at 1700 Parkinson Way, CORD said on Twitter.

Residents who live nearby say there were several people working on the crane this morning prior to its collapse. It is believed the crane was in the process of being dismantled.

BC Emergency Health Services now says three patients have been taken to hospital with one in critical condition, another seriously hurt and the third with minor injuries. The status of any fatalities remains unconfirmed.

RCMP have so far been unable to comment, beyond urging the public to avoid the entire downtown.

UPDATE 1:50 p.m.

Kelowna Mayor Colin Basran has offered best wishes on behalf of city council to the families of those workers impacted by Monday’s crane collapse.

“We are all very shocked and saddened by this crane collapse today,” Basran stated at the start of Monday’s council meeting.

“We don’t have all the details about what’s happened and who is affected, but we know some workers were injured, and we want to join with our entire community in sending best wishes to them and their families.

“The Kelowna RCMP and the Kelowna Fire Department are working on making the accident site safe so that the evacuated people can go back home as soon as possible.

“We have been assured that information about this accident will be coming when the facts are known. Until then, our thoughts are with the workers on that job site and their families.”

UPDATE 1:35 p.m.

Power has now been restored to the downtown area.

Businesses and residences near the crane remain evacuated.

It is not clear at this time how long the evacuations will be required, but earlier this year when a crane was damaged in Glenmore by a fire, it took several days for the crane to be dismantled and nearby residents were out of their homes for multiple days.

UPDATE 12:42 p.m.

BC Emergency Health Services reports that two people have been transported to hospital, including one in critical condition. The other is in stable condition with minor injuries.

BCEHS sent 12 ground ambulances to the scene, including two critical care teams. It says there could be more patients, but it does not have the final number.

Meanwhile, WorkSafeBC confirmed its prevention and investigations teams are responding to the incident.

“The purpose of our investigation is to identify the cause of the incident, including any contributing factors, so that similar incidents can be prevented from happening in the future,” WorkSafeBC spokesperson Andy Watson said in an email. “We cannot provide any additional details at this time.”

UPDATE 12:05 p.m.

The sound of saws cutting metal can be heard as rescue crews work at the site of a collapsed crane downtown Kelowna.

A high-angle rescue team from West Kelowna was called in to help with the rescue.

Electricity has been cut to thousands of customers in the downtown core. Castanet has also received reports of evacuations as far as Doyle and Bertram.

The RCMP are urging the public to avoid the entire downtown core while evacuations are underway.

“A more fulsome release with respect to the industrial accident will be disseminated once more information is available,” police said.

UPDATE 11:40 a.m.

Witnesses report seeing a man falling from the crane as it collapsed.

“I heard a lot of noise and it sounded like they were throwing, or things were coming off, and then the top expansion part came down. It all buckled and just came down,” saud Megan Ziegler, adding she saw a man fall.

“It was pretty hard to watch.”

Another witness, and former Castanet employee, Miriam Halpenny says she was working nearby when her entire building shook.

“It felt like an earthquake at first, we ran out here and we instantly saw that the crane had come down and there was debris and people running frantically,” Halpenny said.

She said she saw a man, after the crane had collapsed, climb down the centre of the crane and jump to safety in the building.

A long-line tactical fire rescue team has arrived and is now going in.

UPDATE 11:17 a.m.

Kelowna RCMP is evacuating the area around the Bernard Block crane collapse due to safety concerns. It is asking anyone who is in the area around the St. Paul Street and Bernard Avenue intersection to leave as soon as possible in a safe manner.

It is also asking the public to stay away from the area at this time.

UDPATE 11:10 a.m.

Witnesses tell Castanet at least one person has been seriously injured in the crane collapse.

Emergency crews are still responding to the scene and it is believed there may be additional patients within the building.

ORIGINAL 11 a.m.

A crane has collapsed at a downtown Kelowna construction site.

The top of the crane came down at the Bernard Block development at Bernard Avenue and St. Paul Street.

It’s not known if anyone was in the crane at the time of collapse.

Emergency crews are just arriving.

Castanet has a reporter on the way to the scene.

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A witness watched this person climb down the crane and enter the building.

Photo: Contributed

A Castanet camera atop ONE Water Street caught these three still photos of the crane collapse.

Photo: Contributed

Photo: Cindy White

Castanet Staff – Jul 12, 2021 / 1:30 pm | Story: 280288

3. Development Application Reports & Related Bylaws

3.1 and 3.2 Boyd Rd 2840 – LUCT20-0010 Z20-0084 – Dennis Victor Miller and Kimberley Marie Miller

3.3 and 3.4 Mayfair Crt 734 – Z20-0095 (BL12241) – Adam Wladyslaw Zurek

3.5 and 3.6 Gordon Dr 4653 – Z21-0008 (BL12242) – Mehdi Tehrani and Mandana Ghanyei

3.7 and 3.8 Patterson Ave 575 – Z21-0004 (BL12244) – Dream Chaser Management and Development Ltd., Inc. No. C1120607

3.9 and 3.10 Trumpeter Rd 508 – Z21-0031 (BL12246) – 508 Trumpeter Road Developments Ltd., Inc. No. BC1258630

3.11 to 3.13 Bernard Ave 520-526 – TA21-0008 (BL12247) Z21-0024 (BL12248) – GBD Holdings Inc., Inc. No. BC0941235 – Supplemental Report

3.14 to 3.16 Bernard Ave 266 – TA21-0012 (BL12249) Z21-0039 (BL12250) – Macarther Ventures Inc.,Inc.No.BC0684166 – Supplemental Report

3.17 and 3.18 Supplemental Report – Crosby Rd 1818 – Z21-0029 (BL12226) – 1244855 BC Ltd

3.19 and 3.20 Supplemental Report – Bryden Rd 155 – Z21-0020 (BL12231) – Kelowna Christian Centre Society Inc

3.21 and 3.22 Supplemental Report – Highland Dr N 1653 – Z21-0017 (BL12236) – Shannon Elizabeth Day

3.23 Rutland Road N 2100 – OCP18-0005 (BL12053) Z18-0019 (BL12054) TA18-0011 (BL12055) – Bylaw Extension Request

3.24 Gallagher Rd 2980 – Z20-0021 (BL12042) – Bylaw Extension Request

3.25 and 3.26 McCarthy Rd 9640 – Z18-0122 (BL11790) – Rescind Rezoning Bylaw

4. Bylaws for Adoption (Development Related)

4.1 Burne Ave 360 – BL12139 (Z20-0106) – 1221900 BC LTD., Inc.No. BC1221900

5. Non-Development Reports & Related Bylaws

5.1 Complex Needs Advocacy Paper

5.2 Water Regulation Bylaw Update – Recreational Use

5.3 BL12245 – Amendment No. 14 to the Water Regulation Bylaw No. 10480

5.4 Parks and Public Spaces Bylaw Amendment

5.5 BL12223 – Amendment No. 4 to the Parks and Public Spaces Bylaw No. 10680

5.6 BL12243 – Amendment No. 28 to Bylaw Notice Enforcement Bylaw No. 10475

5.7 North End Neighbourhood Planning

5.8 Commitment to Community Impact Report

5.9 Draft 2040 OCP future parks update

6. Bylaws for Adoption (Non-Development Related)

6.1 BL12220 – Amendment No 12 to Development Application Fees Bylaw No 10560

7. Mayor and Councillor Items

8. Termination

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Reader-submitted video shows a crane worker shimmying to safety shortly after its collapse downtown Kelowna on Monday.

The worker manages to slide to safety on an upper floor of the building.

Emergency crews are continuing their rescue efforts.

“I heard a lot of noise and it sounded like they were throwing, or things were coming off, and then the top expansion part came down. It all buckled and just came down,” saud Megan Ziegler, adding she saw a man fall.

“It was pretty hard to watch.”

There have been multiple injuries in the incident. At this time, any fatalities have been unconfirmed by authorities.

Live updates on this evolving incident can be found here.

Madison Erhardt

As COVID-19 restrictions continue to lift, Kelowna’s Andrew Deans has launched A Taste of Kelowna Food Tours to help tourists and longtime residents discover the flavours of Kelowna.

Deans says starting a food tour has been a dream of his for years.

“Born and raised in the Okanagan. My grandpa had an orchard in the Okanagan so I did a little bit of work on that with him and my parents met travelling so because of my love for the Okanagan and just my history, it all kind of tied in together and I thought what a great idea to do for Kelowna.”

The two-hour guided tour aims to teach guests about the food and culture of Kelowna with an emphasis on all things local.

“We visit six to eight businesses and we get tastings and drink visits and it is all included. In between, we fill in some historical pieces along the way and talk about Kelowna’s culture and historical past.”

Deans says there is something for everyone included those who have lived in Kelowna their whole life.

“All the locals we have had realized there are lots of different things they can find in their backyard and that is exactly what we wanted.”

The walking tour starts at the Laurel Packinghouse and winds its way through the stunning Cultural District.

For more information you can head to

Cindy White

Environment Canada is forecasting daytime temperatures in the high 30s for the Thompson-Okanagan to start the week.

“In any normal year I would consider it very bad,” said Meteorologist Doug Lundquist. “Not only did we have that extraordinary heat prior to Canada Day, but it’s just been ongoing. We had a few showers and thunderstorms a couple days ago that cooled us off for one or two days, but we’re actually back in the territory where we’ll be issuing heat warnings again.”

That means dangerous conditions. Then, mix in the smoke from wildfires and it’s going to make it even more difficult to be outside, especially during the hottest part of the day.

The overnight lows are also a cause for concern. Saturday night in downtown Kelowna it was 20 C, and in Osoyoos it was 23 C.

“I’ve been in B.C. for over 30 years doing this job,” said Lundquist. “I don’t remember it ever being this extreme and this long. June was the hottest June ever and July, it’s just continuous heat. Once we pump the numbers out for July, we’ll see. Unless it cools off at the end, we may be heading toward other statistics we don’t want to hear of.”

The second half of July and the first half of August are typically the hottest part of the year, so B.C. could be sweltering for several more weeks.

That raises even more concerns about wildfires and the smoke hanging over the region.

Air quality advisories have been in place for several days, with Kamloops getting the brunt of the smoke so far.

“It depends where you are relative to the fires,” said Lundquist. “Also, smoke settles in the valleys too, so over time it probably just gets more and more.”

Photo: Gallagher’s Canyon Golf Course

The City of Kelowna’s water utility is proposing to make some changes to the way golf courses in southeast Kelowna are charged for water use.

A report for Monday’s council meeting suggests Gallagher’s Canyon Golf and Country Club is paying significantly more for its non-potable water than two other golf courses in the area are paying.

While all three have access to the city’s non-potable irrigation system, both the Harvest and Orchard Greens golf clubs have farm status and are billed on the agricultural rate.

Gallagher’s Canyon is not, and pays a rate of 30 cents per cubic metre.

“Staff have estimated the difference of the two (billing) methods could result in one course (Gallagher’s Canyon) paying almost seven times more for its irrigation water than the other two,” the staff report suggests.

“Discussion with the course manager identified serious financial impacts and concerns for their operation at this point in their season.

“Staff agree billing should be consistent for all three users while being fair and equitable to all rate payers.”

It’s recommended all three courses pay the agricultural rate for the balance of 2021 while looking for an equitable and fair long-term fee structure.

The three golf courses transitioned to the city water system this year following integration with the former SEKID system.

In the past, SEKID billed all three courses its agricultural non-potable water rate.

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Motionball Kelowna has announced the return of its flagship event, Marathon of Sport, to City Park this fall.

Motionball brings awareness to the Special Olympics movement, and allows people with and without intellectual disabilities to interact, build lifelong friendships, and ultimately create more inclusive communities.

The event will take place Sept. 18 at 1600 Abbott Street.

A group with 30 teams will participate in a fun-filled day of athletic competition in support of the Special Olympics Canada Foundation.

Teams will be partnered up with local Special Olympics B.C. athletes and together, they will compete in a variety of sports and activities.

In addition to this friendly and inclusive competition, participants will take a powerful pledge to end the use of the R-word in everyday conversation and take an inspirational stand against anti-bullying.

To register you can visit

Rob Gibson – Jul 12, 2021 / 4:00 am | Story: 339164

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Dr. Russell Naito, Dr. Richard Bell and Dr. Tom White in the new sterilization room at Okanagan College

Okanagan College’s dental program is getting a big boost towards building a new state-of-the-art dental clinic in the school’s new Health Sciences Centre.

Okanagan oral surgeons Dr. Richard Bell, Dr. Russell Naito and Dr. Tom White of Okanagan Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Associates are donating $30,000 to the cause.

The surgeons say the gift is a way to recognize and celebrate the work of their current staff and past employees.

“We want to show our support for CDAs and the profession,” says Bell. “We also wanted to recognize what the College has done for our practice. We have more than 20 CDAs working with us and many of them received their education at Okanagan College.”

Naito is from Kelowna and started his post-secondary education at the College. While he remembers many of his outstanding professors, several of his classes were in portables at the time.

“To be able to contribute to this great facility for students to learn in and instructors to teach in feels incredible,” says Naito.

The gift will support a large and modern sterilization room for CDAs to practice disinfecting instruments and learn the importance of infection control.

“We are so grateful to Dr. Bell, Dr. Naito and Dr. White for supporting students and their industry,” says Joanne Gibbons-Smyth, Chair of Okanagan College’s CDA program.

“This clinic is a perfect blend of teaching and real-world practice and the support from the dental community is helping make it a reality for students.”

The Okanagan College Foundation is $1.5 million away from reaching its $5 million fundraising goal to equip and complete the new Health Sciences Centre.

Photo: File photo

UPDATE 3:30 p.m.

BC Emergency Health Services confirms the person was not injured, the call was heat-related.

The patient was in non life-threatening condition.

ORIGINAL 11:45 a.m.

The BC Ambulance Service and Kelowna Fire Department worked together to get an injured person to an ambulance Sunday morning.

“We got a request from B.C. Ambulance Service to assist them in transporting a patient off the trails at Angel Falls (Angel Springs),” said Platoon Captain Dennis Miller.

The call came in shortly around 9:30 a.m. and a crew were dispatched along McCullough Rd.

“We sent a crew up there with our basket-stretcher and wheel. It’s not a rescue. It’s just to assist with transporting somebody, to make it easier for B.C. Ambulance,” he added.

The person was located about one kilometre up the trail

Miller did not have details on the person who was hurt or the extent of their injuries.

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