Catholic Schools In Broward County Fl

Catholic Schools In Broward County Fl

There are many options for schools in the United States – public, boarding, charter, a private, and religious school with each of them having their benefits. Religious schools in the United States are private, and they can come in almost any form. Catholic schools in Broward County FL is one of the common types of religious school. Here are some of the unique benefits of attending catholic schools in Broward County FL.

Catholic Values

A faith-based high school will foster relationships with God. While most standard private schools maintain high codes of conduct and ethical values, they can accelerate the disorientation of beliefs and loss of values. The best catholic schools in Broward County, FL, like Archbishop Edward A. McCarthy High School will surround your kids with staff, students, and an environment that shares positive values. These schools will provide a strong spiritual foundation for your kids that will shape and help them become successful in life.

Small Class Size

Going to catholic high school, where the size of their class is small, is valuable because students will be able to receive a more personalized view from teachers. Studies have shown that class sizes with not more than 22 students will have the students achieve more in one month than what would have taken them an additional three months of schooling. At Archbishop Edward A. McCarthy High School, we have personally seen the advantages a small class has on our students in terms of confidence and performance.

Guidance and Support

While secular high schools provide students with academic guidance, catholic schools are similarly tasked with fostering students with personal growth, development, and academic success. The bible teaches values like hard work, honesty, integrity, and communal responsibility.

The administration and staff of Catholic schools will embrace a mission that demands student’s accountability to both contractual and God commitments. This means that catholic schools like Archbishop Edward A. McCarthy High School are motivated to help your kid stay on academic track, have a God-based attitude, and overcome high school challenges. In summary, your child will receive both educational and spiritual guidance.

A straight path to college

While achievement levels vary, it has been shown by studies that a higher number of students that graduated from catholic schools go to higher education. According to the United States Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics, about 62 percent of high school students went on to become college graduates. On the other hand, just about 31 percent of students from public schools ended up becoming college graduates. 

In Summary

You want to give your kid the best upbringing, part of which involves giving them the best education. Catholic schools are worth considering, even if you are not considering religious education. If you are looking for one of the best catholic schools in Broward County FL, contact Broward County FL like Archbishop Edward A. McCarthy High School. We can help your kid properly prepare for their careers by teaching them values, spiritual tools, and knowledge. Contact us today!

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Catholic Schools In Broward County Fl

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