Coronavirus slows down Kelowna Metro meals vehicles

The coronavirus threat has forced restaurants in the Kelowna metro area to change the way they do business. This change is damaging many restaurants and also the food servers that work in the four-wheeled restaurants of the metro.

Downtown Kelowna was a hot spot for local food trucks.

Food truck operators had something to cook in downtown and elsewhere on the Kelowna metro.

Then came the coronavirus threat, followed by contracts from Kelowna companies to move traffic away from downtown streets and sidewalks.

Kelly Keegan is one of the founders of the Kelowna Food Truck Association.

“You don’t have the concentration of people like the food truck in the city center. Thursdays have been a tremendous blessing to us and many of our trucks are counting on them to keep their doors open. But since no one goes downtown, there’s no need to post up there, ”Keegan said.

There are some food trucks on the subway doing business. Keegan hopes that once we get this virus under control, things will get better.

“This has torpedoed our business. Our business for most of us right now, once we’re ahead of the curve, we hope to really get out there and take advantage of the opportunities that are out there, ”said Keegan.

Some food truck operators are finding other ways to make money during the winter months – but Keegan says the virus closed this road to his truck as well.

“In winter we take care of the Catholic schools. No school, no catering. So we’ve been dead in the water for almost a month, ”he said. “Everyone is in a crisis right now – but luckily we’re still standing.”

Joana Flores Cortez works at her restaurant in South Kelowna. The dining room is closed, but they deliver and they have a passage.

They also have a food truck that they will do whatever it takes to survive this crisis.

“Fortunately, we still have work that you know. Maybe a few little hours, but at least you know that, ”she said.

Kelowna Food Truck Association officials are discussing the possibility of having a major event with all the food trucks in one place.

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