Decreasing the quick style footprint at Kelowna clothes trade

Now in its second year, the Okanagan Swappin’ event is one of the largest organized clothing swaps in the region.

It helps to raise money for the KGH Foundation and reduce the fast fashion footprint by swapping gently used clothing with 50 different women of all shapes and sizes.

Each participant can bring in up to 10 washed, stain-and-tear-free items to swap, and on the day of the event can take as many items as they brought in the day prior.

Tickets holders will be able to browse through over 500 items of clothing at Okanagan Lifestyle and at the end of the event, the unclaimed clothing items are donated to the Kelowna Women’s Shelter.

Okanagan Photographer, Pala Kovacs put together this event to highlight the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling all while giving back to those in need.

“Our swaps are held twice per year, once in the spring and fall, so that we can give our swappers the chance to get a new, fresh wardrobe for the coming seasons rather than heading to the mall,” explained Kovacs.

“Plus, it costs a small fraction of what would have been spent in a store!”

Last year, Kovacs estimated that at least 30% of the items brought in for the swap were brand new with tags still attached.

Along with raising money, Kovacs is extremely passionate about reducing the footprint that fast fashion leaves behind.

“Fast Fashion contributes more to climate change than international shipping and travel combined, making up 10% of the global carbon dioxide output. It’s also 20% of the 300 million tonnes of plastic produced globally every year,” she said.

“While some clothing brands are now implementing recycled plastic in their clothes, that just means that we’re turning large bottles of plastic into even smaller plastics, which disturbs our ecosystem. By swapping with Okanagan Swappin’, our swappers are helping to make an impact on both the fast fashion industry and climate change.”

The Okanagan Swappin event is happening on May 1st from 10 am – 2 pm. Tickets are moving quickly and can be found here.

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