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A unique new store on Bernard Street is attracting the attention of Kelowna residents.

The 509 Market Cafe is a street market that sells healthy foods from local businesses – and it’s a great place to grab a quick lunch.

Christopher Foster, owner and operator of 509 Market Cafe, told Capital News that the idea for this business actually came from a need to sell your own products.

In 2016, Foster started a hummus company called The Little Chickpea, which is based on offering gluten-free and vegan options as snacks. When COVID-19 hit, he started selling his products in local farmers markets, but soon found that it would be more difficult than he expected due to vendors’ waiting lists.

“I decided to build a market for the people who couldn’t come to the farmers’ markets and have their things in a daily market in downtown Kelowna on Bernard Avenue, and that would in turn give me the potential to sell my products.” said Foster.

509 Market Cafe carries products that are gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan. Everything from freshly squeezed juices to quinoa salad and sweet potato curry can be found on the sidewalk, all made by local businesses.

The market also has products for those who have no restrictions, such as BBQ chicken wraps or a rustic chicken salad on sourdough bread.

“It’s funny to say, but I’ve just started marketing my lifestyle and people are catching on,” added Foster, who eats gluten-free and dairy-free foods.

Foster added that he made a conscious decision to start a unique company that doesn’t exist anywhere else in the city center. He said the market has been well received and is already seeing regular customers. They often tell him that they feel it is necessary for this.

“My motto has become: ‘You didn’t know you wanted that'”, he laughed.

Foster hopes to keep the market growing by expanding the product range. “We just love being here, so from now on we aim to do that,” he said.

The 509 Market Cafe is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

To participate, email Foster here.

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Foster wants to support the producers of BC and Kelowna (Amandalina Letterio / Contributed).

The 509 Market Cafe offers healthy take-away take-away (Amandalina Letterio / Contributed).

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