Downtown Kelowna will get its first hashish retailer with the arrival of Kelo – Kelowna Information

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It took a while, but there’s finally a cannabis store in downtown Kelowna.

Kelo Cannabis (pronounced KEE-loh) made its grand opening a week ago and now serves urban consumers from its location at 305-890 Clement Ave.

“We’re in a perfect position whether people are going to events, commuting to work, or coming from the many local shops and pubs,” said Kevin Keraiff, president of Kelo Cannabis. “We’re in a corridor that leads to all sorts of activities like Knox Mountain, local beaches and parks, the arts district, and shopping. It’s really synergistic with what Kelowna is known for, and our location itself is a travel destination. “

The name Kelo is derived from an old African dialect and in its loosest translation means “glorious life”. It also has the first four letters of Kelowna in its name, which is why Keraiff believes it will be a great addition to the city.

“Our company is really the Kelowna brand,” said Keraiff. “The name is correct. One thing that we are most proud of and that sets us apart is the team we have put together. We handpicked the best in the business; all locals and all experts. This, coupled with our very diverse and detailed product selection, will ensure that every customer has a fantastic experience with every visit. “

Keraiff is more than familiar with the neighborhood Kelo lives in, having owned the CrossFit Okanagan on Richter Street for nearly a decade. He could see that the area was poised for a spurt of growth, and now it is thanks to the soaring towers nearby, as well as numerous new shops and other residential buildings.

“I’ve always expected this kind of growth, and now it is happening,” he said.

He also believes that his previous business and current company are closely related.

“Cannabis and its related products are well suited to active people of all levels and support recovery, well-being and lifestyle improvements,” he said.

After all, it’s about living your best, “glorious life”.

“This place will appeal to both locals and tourists,” said Keraiff. “The same people who work in the store and visit the store are the same people who enjoy our vibrant Kelowna community.”

Kelo Cannabis is open seven days a week from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m.

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