E-scooters roll out once more in Kelowna

One day after the city of Kelowna has made the necessary changes to its traffic regulations, e-scooters can be rented to the minute.

Two companies, the global e-scooter giant ‘Lime’ has 500 on the streets of Kelowna. And Canada-based ‘Zip’ has also introduced some of its own.

Every business requires users to download an app first before they start driving.

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<p>“You need a credit card and a smartphone to use the service,” said Matt Worona, new mobility specialist for the city of Kelowna.</p>
<p>“You can essentially pay by the minute to use these scooters.”</p>
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The early response included some reservations about cost.

“It’s pretty expensive,” said a woman who checked the prices on the Lime app. She and her friend thought a couple of hours would cost over $ 40.

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<p>But a company spokesperson told KelownaNow that most people use the scooters for short trips, so the average cost is just over $ 5. </p>
<p>Unlocking a “Lime” e-scooter costs 1.15 US dollars and the trip costs 35 cents per minute. </p>
<p>“Each operator has a different price,” explained Worona.  “Different operators will develop different pricing strategies.”</p>
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Thanks to a pilot project involving the provincial government, the scooters are now approved for cycle paths and shared paths, but not allowed on sidewalks.

“Driving on the sidewalk would be illegal, as would cycling and skateboarding,” Worona said. “The city is also really expanding very, very high-quality bicycle systems.

And they are shown to pull people off the sidewalks. “

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<p>Both companies have marked their scooters with an information card that contains the rules for their use. </p>
<p>The first rule is that you need a helmet. </p>
<p>Lime has partnered with Tourism Kelowna to ensure drivers have access to helmets at the waterfront visitor information center. </p>
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