Ex-Blockbuster worker begins DVD rental service in Kelowna

Kelowna’s Nol Preen recently opened his DVD rental delivery service to the public.

To rent a DVD from “Mr. Retro Video Strikes Back (Blockbuster Part Two),” customers send an email to [email protected].

Nol will then respond with a list of available DVDs from his collection of over 900 titles.

Renters choose two to four films to be delivered the following Sunday, which can be played using a DVD player or a gaming console such as an Xbox or PlayStation.

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<p>“I thought Sunday is best because people can rent it for a whole week and a day,” he said. </p>
<p>Customers have the option to return the DVDs by either dropping them off at Nol’s house or having them picked up the following Sunday. </p>
<p>It costs $16 to rent four DVDs, $14 for three, and $12 for two, including the delivery fee. </p>
<p>After every use, Nol uses microfibre antibacterial wipes to clean the DVDs to ensure they are in pristine condition. </p>
<p>Nol hopes people will think “outside of the box.” </p>
<p>“This isn’t for everyone, but for those that like retro nostalgia, this can be for them.” </p>
<p>Nol said he buys DVDs before they come out on streaming services, which allows his rental service to provide earlier access to films. </p>
<p>Included in the list of available titles, Nol has his very own rating system. </p>
<p>“I just put my score out of 10, which is basically how enjoyable a movie is and how well it flows,” he said.  “I am really paying attention to the movies.” </p>
<p>Nol’s love for DVDs began when he worked at Blockbuster from 1999-2008. </p>
<p>“It was just a positive place to work.  I was a top sales rep for all of Canada on two different occasions,” he said.  “It was a job with really good interaction to share opinions.” </p>
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