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Free curling day in Kelowna

Photo: Brayden Ursel

The Kelowna Curling Club decided to celebrate B.C. Curling Day with an open invitation, welcoming anyone and everyone to try curling for the very first time — absolutely free.

According to curling club general manager, Jock Tyre, more than 100 new faces stepped out onto the ice this weekend, and he says everyone was having a great time.

“We got all ages, three or four-year-olds out there. We even had 80-year-olds trying curling for the very first time. Plus all the volunteers we had out to enjoy curling, it was incredible,” said Tyre.

Tyre tells Castanet the sport has been growing in recent years.

“The sport is gaining popularity amongst people who aren’t super competitive. It’s a sport you can play with your friends and family, and it’s intergenerational. There’s lots of opportunities in Kelowna to play at all sorts of levels.”

Tyre went on to talk about his favourite part of seeing all these new curlers at the rink.

“For me, it’s seeing three generations out there. You know, when you see grandparents our there with grandkids and they’re all playing together on the same sheet of ice. And then knowing that it’s kind of a level playing field, it doesn’t really matter when you’re trying to learn how to curl.”

For people looking to keep curling, there are several different sign up options still available at the Kelowna Curling Club.

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