GetintheLoop is now buddies with BenefitHub and enters the US market – Kelowna Information

GetintheLoop is coming to the USA

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A Kelowna business success story has now found its way into the US market.

GetintheLoop, Canada’s largest local shop platform, has partnered with BenefitHub, which describes itself as the largest employee lifestyle benefits company.

BenefitHub, which has 17 million members worldwide, will offer its companies GetintheLoop content, which will then pass the local offers on to their employees. The partnership begins in Nevada and Arizona.

“Our partner employers have long requested more local offers around their locations and neighborhoods in which their employees live,” said Seif Saghri, founder and CEO of BenefitHub, in a press release. “This partnership will give us a stronger and growing local offering.”

More than 5,000 companies in Canada are customers of GetintheLoop, which was successful in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The restrictions have accelerated the need for local businesses to use digital tools to connect with consumers, and now the business south of the border will be able to do just that.

“We are excited to launch GetintheLoop in the US with a consumer audience of 10 million people and a great partner in BenefitHub,” said GetintheLoop Founder and CEO Matt Crowell.

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