Giant navy airplane flies over Kelowna Saturday afternoon – Kelowna Information

Massive plane over Kelowna

Photo: Curtis Fieseler

A couple of large military planes were in Kelowna this weekend, drawing the attention of some aviation enthusiasts.

Several Castanet readers sent in photos and videos of the large C-17 Globemaster 3 aircraft flying over Kelowna International Airport Saturday afternoon at about 1:30 pm

The 53-metre long aircraft is the largest fixed-wing aircraft used by the Canadian military. it’s used to transport troops, cargo and other large items. There are five of these planes in use by the Canadian military.

“The military has been in town over the last few days doing training,” said Philip Elchitz, senior manager of airport operations at YLW.

Elchitz says the large plane didn’t land in Kelowna, but was running “circuits” over the area.

Another military plane, the Lockheed CC-130H Hercules was also in Kelowna for training over the weekend. Elchitz says this 30-metre long plane comes to Kelowna on a more regular basis, while the larger plane has only landed in Kelowna once over the past two years.

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