Homelessness in Kelowna with Dustin Seidler

This local podcast Homelessness in Kelowna aims to create awareness and educate, to help move our city forward. You will hear diverse conversations among people with personal experiences and those who have concentrated efforts with homelessness.

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<p>Host Rick Maddison and Central Okanagan Journey Home Chair Scott Lanigan chat with Dustin Seidler, a former paramedic in Toronto. </p>
<p>Dustin shares traumatic stories from his 12 years in the field, and his frequent interactions with one of Canada’s largest homeless populations. </p>
<p>He talks about why he eventually had to leave a profession he loved (Warning, details of paramedic calls may be upsetting to some listeners).</p>
<p>Dustin Seidler has now completely switched gears to become a real estate agent in downtown Toronto.</p>
<p>To hear more about Dustin and his journey as a paramedic, listen to the episode below.</p>
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