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After the recent heat wave that has settled across much of western Canada, many people have wished they had a better way to stay cool. Now, if you think air conditioning might be a really good idea, here’s how to keep your cool when the mercury is skyrocketing.


Regardless of when your home was built, or whether or not it has ducts in place, there is a system that will suit your needs, says Vern Milani of Milani Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning. More importantly, there is a system that can be customized to suit your home, whether you want air conditioning in every room or just in one, or even only when you need it!

Most air conditioners take about two days to install and can include a variety of options, including heat pumps and mini-split systems.

  • Heat pumps can use the existing lines in your house and require an external compressor. These devices can keep your entire home cooler in summer and warmer in winter, providing year-round convenience.
  • Channelless mini-split systems are exactly what they sound like – every room that needs to be cooled gets its own unit and allows you to only cool the room that you need while it is in use, for an eco-friendly and wallet-friendly option. These systems are ideal when your home does not have existing ducts, which means less renovation and dirt accumulation. Mini split systems can heat your home even in winter and are more efficient than electric baseboard heaters, which means you can save money.

Convenience is the key

Not sure what you need? Milani plumbing, heating and air conditioning offers free estimates. Let an experienced Comfort Advisor help you choose the best product for your home and lifestyle at the right price for your budget.

Maintenance saves you money

Maintaining your home’s cooling / heating system is just as important as getting it right. Proper maintenance means your system will always run optimally and efficiently, so you can stay comfortable and save money all year round. Milani plumbing, heating and air conditioning offers planned maintenance packages so that you can check this off on your to-do list.

Do not forget!

Homeowners moving to energy efficient appliances can take advantage of the great BC government discounts in addition to BC Hydro and Fortis BC discounts. Favorable financing options are also available.

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