Investigators say the reason for the explosion in South Kelowna continues to be undetermined

Investigators say the cause of an explosion in South Kelowna remains undetermined almost a month later.

On Thursday, Kelowna Fire and Police departments issued a joint statement that the December 8 explosion is still under investigation. The explosion near 51st and L killed 73-year-old Theresa Toledo, her 46-year-old daughter Angela Miller, and her 28-year-old grandson Alexander Toledo. The explosion also injured Theresa’s 72-year-old friend and killed a dog in the apartment.

According to the spill, there was a natural gas release in the house that ignited, but from several possible sources. An ignition source could be a stove, a pilot light on the water heater, electrical system, etc. Investigators say they haven’t found the cause of the gas release at this point, but say an additional investigation is underway.

The Kelowna Police Department Homicide Squad conducted numerous interviews and found no evidence or evidence that criminal activity resulted in the gas being released into the house. Investigators have declared the deaths of Theresa Toledo, Angela Miller and Alexander Toledo as unknown.

Theresa Toledo had filed a domestic abuse order against her grandson Alexander Toledo days before the explosion. She was concerned for her safety and “feared he would set my house on fire.”

“I need Alex out of my house now before he destroys my house or harms me,” she wrote on the file. “The drugs drive him crazy.”

(Photo by WOWT 6 News)

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