Jenna’s Downtown Kelowna Foodie Tour

Attention all foodies!

Do you know local foodie and blogger Jenna Swetlikoff? She runs a lifestyle blog called StuffwithSvet. Born and raised in Kelowna, her love of culinary art and knowledge of the Kelowna food scene has made her a local legend. So naturally, she recently launched Jenna’s Downtown Kelowna Foodie Tour!

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<p dir=Jenna’s Downtown Kelowna Foodie Tour opened its doors just two short weeks ago with Jenna as your host for this memorable eating and drinking experience.

On this tour, she takes you to five different stops over the course of about three hours. Each of the establishments are non-chain, independent, top-end restaurants, showcasing a variety of tastes hand-selected by Jenna. The tour includes food and alcoholic beverages as well as stories and interesting facts about Kelowna. Not only do guests get to taste different cuisine and cocktails, but they also get to hear from the owners, makers, and brewers of these establishments!

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<p dir=The tour is also very mindful of COVID protocols keeping guests safe. Group sizes are limited to up to six-guests per tour. Each restaurant adheres to social distancing guidelines, proper hygiene standards and ensures all employees wear a mask.

Vegetarian, gluten-free, or have other special dietary needs? No worries at all! Jenna’s tour accommodates most requirements.

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<p dir=Why do this tour? You love food and want a local authentic experience and eat the best food that locals eat. You want the opportunity to meet new people and learn about Kelowna’s culture and history. And of course, want an insider perspective on our beautiful and tasty city. The tour is available to not only tourists but locals as well! Some locals don’t even know about these unique locations!

Come hungry + thirsty and book Jenna’s Downtown Kelowna Food Tour!! Eat the city with her like a true Kelownian!

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