Kelowna Artwork Gallery challenges artists with new exhibition – Okanagan

The Kelowna Art Gallery urged its members to reveal more than before in their latest Undressed exhibition.

“This year’s theme may be a little different from what some of our members might be used to,” said Victoria Verge, Kelowna Art Gallery’s educational coordinator and adult program.

“We came up with the topic of ‘Undressed’ and it really encouraged our members to explore the human form.”

61 of its members offer their own view of the human form in sculpture, on canvas and more.

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“Once a year we get them to do the best they can and they blow us away every year,” says Verge.

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“There are so many talents in our church.”

One of the featured artists, Pam Fennell, modeled a craftswoman.

“She has the tools she needs,” said Fennell.

“I didn’t want to show what she built because I wanted to leave it to the person who looks at the piece and can fill that part out.”

The artist Kato Rempel plays with color and intimacy in her submitted piece Luminous.

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“[It shows] The unity, the warm embrace of a couple coming together, ”said Rempel.

“It’s something that we really missed last year, so I found it very important to create this art during that time.”

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The Undressed exhibition is on view at the Kelowna Art Gallery until September 12th.

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