Kelowna Duo runs 500km barefoot in warmth wave – Okanagan

Kelowna, BC, the duo Asha Tremblay and Savannah Holmes have something to celebrate: They have successfully completed their goal of 500 kilometers to run barefoot.

“It was intense, it was honestly the toughest eight days of my life and the most humiliating eight days,” said Holmes, The Comfort Zone.

To put on the pressure to complete the equivalent of 12 marathons, they also had to face a heat wave.

“Our feet weren’t quite ready for the heat we ended up in, but we got our feet on all kinds of terrain, we have sidewalks, we had rocks, we had all kinds of hiking areas,” Tremblay said.

With the help of professional trainers and medical experts, they have pushed their bodies to the limit. Daily training on building the soles of the feet to prepare them for the great eight-day barefoot journey through the Okanagan.

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On June 28th, they took part in the 500-kilometer hike, which was a fundraiser for a cause that is close to their hearts.

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“I grew up in Uganda and while we were there my mother started an organization called Enhanced Humanity. It is a leadership training program that provides children who otherwise do not have access to education or free mentoring and even supports their daily lives, ”said Holmes.

Enhanced Humanity has been supporting its community members since 2000 and was founded to lift the next generation out of poverty, help them reach their potential and help them become entrepreneurs, according to their website.

Tremblay said donations have been received from around the world.

“It wasn’t just a Kelowna network donating, we were in England, we were in the United States, we were in Australia. We made noise around the world for a group of children in Uganda, and seeing international support come together, especially in this time of COVID, was one of the most humbling, empowering and fulfilling parts of it, ”Tremblay said.

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The duo ran from Mara Lake to Vernon and planned to continue through the Okanagan, but due to the heat wave, they had to make other plans.

“We were struggling to get our hydration and only had one team with us, so we were routed and just ridden in circles for the rest of the run here,” said Holmes.

But they ended the run, injuries and everything. Holmes walked with fractures in both feet.

“They’re broken, but guess what? The bottom of the feet is like perfect leather. I didn’t get a single blister, not a single cut – I don’t know how, because I’m training they just tore open, ”said Holmes.

And they don’t stop anytime soon. They are already planning their next challenge – keeping the momentum and their bare feet going.

The two of them document their training and run themselves online in hopes of inspiring people to join their cause.

Follow Holmes and Tremblay on their website

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