Kelowna Goldshop rejects masks and vaccines

People are used to seeing signs outside stores asking for masks to be worn, but the message is different at Sun City Silver and Gold Exchange.

Completely different.

A sign reads “No face masks are allowed in this private space”.

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Store owner Steve Merrill said the first reason he didn’t want masks in his store was because it was a security risk for someone to enter a store like his with a mask on.

But his anti-mask feelings go deeper.

“I’m against masks. I don’t wear masks anywhere,” Merrill said. “I don’t want to damage my immune system with a mask or breathe into a saliva-filled petri dish filled with mucus. So personally I’m against masks, I find them ridiculous.”

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<p>The precious metal trader is similarly critical of vaccinations. </p>
<p>“Well, it was actually a boon to business,” he told KelownaNow.  “Since the masking sign came up, I’ve probably had nearly $ 1 million worth of new orders from people wanting to do business with someone who thinks like us.”</p>
<p>Merrill has taken conflicting positions with government agencies in the past. </p>
<p>He has argued unsuccessfully in court against the legality of our income tax system.</p>
<p>Last year he was fined for failing to file a tax return for four years, but he persists. </p>
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“Income tax is voluntary,” he told us in his shop on Bernard Avenue in Gordon.

“I looked up the word ‘person’ in the Income Tax Act and the definition does not include man, woman or being.”

As for his conflicting views on masks and vaccines, he said his shop policies have not yet attracted any resistance from the authorities.

Sun City Silver and Gold is not the first Kelowna company to adopt this stance.

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<p>Flow Academy, a kickboxing gym, announced that it will not accept new membership applications from people who have received a COVID-19 vaccine.</p>
<p>The gym has now been arranged by Interior Health. </p>
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