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A family in Kelowna has coined a new slogan, “#loveisgreaterthancovid19” in an effort to show support for those battling COVID-19 during these difficult times.

Duane Sharpe, from Kelowna, saw his 79-year-old mother admitted to Kelowna General Hospital on March 29 after she displayed symptoms of COVID-19. Sharpe’s mother has heart disease and shortly after she tested positive for coronavirus, her heart was functioning at half capacity and a clot had formed at her kidneys, preventing liver function.

In an effort to save her life, she was put onto dialysis.

“We were pleased to find out on April 10 (14 days after transmission), that she was being moved out of ICU and into another isolation room and taken off dialysis,” said Sharpe.

“She was starting to feel better and speaking to us more frequently via cell phone calls and emails.”

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According to Sharpe, his mother wants to get out of hospital and into the arms of her husband, however, she is still testing positive for COVID-19, 21 days later.

”I feel through our love and positivity, we’ve all given her strength to fight through the deadliest virus this world has ever seen. We all want to get a hug from grandma, mom, and our friend,” said Sharpe.

“On April 7, my twin 15-year-old daughters decided to go on a #campaign to help grandma fight through this. We decided to paint our own logo and #tag on lawns and promote the # in our community – #loveisgreaterthancovid19. Here we are, still sending love and trying to get mom/grandma home to see her husband. She has battled and overcome this damn virus despite the odds. We truly feel #loveisgreaterthancovid19.”

Many people in the community also wanted to show their support and happily had the two 15-year-olds paint the logo on their lawns.

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Daniel Taylor

Reporter, Kelowna Capital News


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