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Help shape city parks

Photo: Wayne Moore

Kelowna residents have been invited to help shape the future of their city’s parks.

“Imagine Kelowna, our strategic vision for the community, created by the community, identifies that we need great public gathering places like parks, plazas and community centres where people can meet and connect with others,” said Stefan Johansson, parks and landscape planner.

The plan will direct the expansion, development and operation of the city’s parks system as the population expands over the next 20 to 40 years.

“The demand and appeal of attractive, dynamic public spaces will grow as the city grows, and a plan is needed to guide long-term planning of these essential public assets,” explained Johansson.

From Nov. 2 until Dec. 5, residents can have their voices heard by visiting the city’s engagement platform, Get Involved, to take the online survey, ask questions or register to participate as an organization and receive a discussion guide.

The first phase of the Parks Master Plan will set the vision and direction for the plan, establish the goals and value framework, as well as the associated measures of success, and a detailed inventory and analysis of the existing parks, open spaces and natural assets found within the city.

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