Kelowna is on the verge of restoration in post-pandemic tourism

Joseph Clohessy is Tourism Kelowna’s post-pandemic recovery man.

The manager of the Delta Grand Hotel was re-elected chairman of Tourism Kelowna this week.

By the end of his 2021-22 term, Clohessy Tourism will have served Kelowna in two of its most surreal years.

2020-21 will forever be known as the time when COVID robbed us of not only travel but also a normal way of life.

And the next year is about getting back everything we missed.

</who>Joseph Clohessy, the general manager of the 324 room Delta Grand Hotel, was re-elected chairman of Tourism Kelowna for 2021-22. “Class =” img-responsive “src =” files / files /images/Joseph%20Clohessy%20(Tourism%20Kelowna%20chair).jpg “style =” margin: 5px; “/></p>
<p>“Despite the uncertainty of 2020, Tourism Kelowna continued to focus on helping local businesses hold out,” said Clohessy.</p>
<p>“As the tourism industry reopens this year, we look forward to a return to sustainable business levels. After all, there is some catching up to do and the Okanagan is here to welcome the people who like to vacation and spend time here.”</p>
<p>Before the pandemic, tourism was a thriving industry, drawing two million visitors to the city each year and pumping $ 2.1 billion into the economy annually.</p>
<p>COVID destroyed hotel stays, vacation length and vacation expenses.</p>
<p>In fact, the average occupancy rate at hotels and resorts in the Central Okanagan fell from 65% in 2019 to 41% in 2020.</p>
<p><img alt=In a year without a pandemic, Kelowna will attract around two million visitors and the industry will pump 2.1 billion US dollars into the local economy. “Class =” img-responsive “src =” / files / images / Kelowna% 20skyline% 20aerial.jpg “style =” margin: 5px; “/>

As we leave COVID behind and travel restrictions ease, a tourism boom is expected.

Tourism is currently lagging a bit, as only trips within our health region are allowed.

The province is slated to open on June 15 to allow people to return from Lower Mainland, Kelowna’s largest tourist market.

By Canada Day, the country could open up to travel, allowing those from Alberta and Ontario to find their way back to Kelowna for beach, golf, and wine tours.

Clohessy is encouraged that airlines plan nonstop flights between Kelowna and Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal for the summer.

Tourism Kelowna 2021-22 Board of Directors:

– Chairman: Joseph Clohessy, Delta Grand Hotel

– Vice-Chairs: Kelly Watt, Sandman Hotel

– Past Chairman: Thom Killingsworth, Kelowna Yacht Club

– Treasurer: Edan Fay, The Royal

– Secretary: Annika Betts, Sandhill Winery

– Audrey Surrao, RauDZ creative concepts

– Carla Carlson, Comfort Suites

– Cedric Younge, Hyatt Place

– Dale Sivucha, Coast Capri Hotel

– Gail Given, Kelowna City Councilor

– Jon De Bruyne, Kelowna Concierge

– Kristi Caldwell, Wiseacre Farm Distillery

– Michael Ballingall, Big White Ski Resort

– Nataley the Great, Kelowna Art Gallery

– Penny Gambell, Lake Country councilor

– Natalie Corbett, Accent Inns, Hotel Zed, and President of the Kelowna Hotel Motel Association

– Sam Samaddar, Kelowna International Airport

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