Kelowna judo athlete prepares to qualify for the 2021 Paralympic Video games – Okanagan

Ever since Michelle Jorgensen started her walk to the Tokyo 2021 Paralympic Games, people have been asking her how to support her. Instead of monetary donations, Jorgensen hopes for blood donations.

“This is something people can do for free and it can literally save someone’s life,” Jorgensen said.

The 27-year-old visually impaired athlete is among the top ten in her judo category.

“I can hear where your steps are, I can think spatially, so I can follow you, I can follow you and I can knock you out if you give me the shot,” said Jorgensen.

Jorgensen said her knowledge of multiple martial arts gives her a competitive advantage.

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“I can use my Jiu-Jitsu on the floor, I can use my boxing when they grab me, [and] With my dancing, my footwork has really improved and my overall strength has improved, ”said Jorgensen.

“I concentrate on judo, but not on judo.”

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Paralympic Trial in Downtown Kelowna

Jorgensen has trained hard at her home dojo, the Kelowna Judo Club, to make sure she is ready.

“[Her] The greatest strength is their preparatory work, ”said Stu Leatherdale, instructor at the Kelowna Judo Club.

“Judo starts with the feet and involves throws but ends up on the ground where there is knockdowns or subjugation; either chokes or arm locks.

“Especially because of Michelle’s Jiu-Jitsu background, it is a high level when it comes to the mat.”

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Okanagan Paralympians Celebrated

The only thing standing in her way right now is the International Blind Sports Federation (IBSA) Grand Prix in June in Warwick, England, which will be the final qualifying event before the Games in the home of judo Tokyo.

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The 2021 Paralympic Games will take place from August 24th to September 5th.

For anyone who wants to support her, she asks to drive to the nearest blood clinic and roll up a sleeve.

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