Kelowna man fixes a stranger’s automobile whereas getting vaccinated

A woman from West Kelowna joined a local rant and rave group on Facebook to thank a stranger for a wonderful, random kindness.

Megan Rennie says she drove to Kelowna on Tuesday to get her COVID-19 shot, but the splash guard on her car fell off while driving.

“Even though I stopped, I couldn’t quite get it off without my tools, so I continued to drive to my appointment,” explains Rennie’s Facebook post.

“When I got to the vaccination site, I spent more time under my car trying to figure out how to fix it until I could get back to the store where I changed my oil.”

Eventually she had to go inside to get her syringe so she decided to deal with her car problems as soon as she was done, but she didn’t have to.

When Rennie returned to her vehicle after her vaccination, she found a slip of paper and a business card on her windshield.

<who>Photo credit: Megan Rennie “src =” “style =” margin: 5px; “/></p>
<p dir=Garry Tomporowski’s note said that he had mended her car for her and added “good luck” next to a smiley face.

Rennie said she didn’t know Tomporowski, but he suspected he saw her fight before her appointment and came out with zap straps to secure the splash guard so she could safely drive home.

“The fact that he would take the time to do something this big for a complete stranger just left me in awe,” said Rennie.

“Garry fully restored my belief in humanity and showed me that people care. That we are all a community and have to help each other if we can. “

Her post was replied to with dozens of comments praising Tomporowski’s work, including some comments from people who know the Kelowna man.

“Garry has been my neighbor for 18 years,” wrote David Crawford. “Good man.”

LeAnn Foster added that Tomporowski was “a wonderful man,” adding that he likely saw Rennie from his corporate office, GTA Architecture, and stepped in to provide assistance.

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