Kelowna Power Coach Ilija Jahura Explains The way to Use the T-Bar Shrug for Traps and Higher Again

There are plenty of good reasons to regularly focus on your traps and upper back during your workouts, not the least of which is that well-developed traps can really help show the world that you’ve been working hard at bettering yourself.

But how exactly can you target these muscle groups? As Kelowna strength coach Ilija Jahura will explain in this article, one of the best ways to do it is with a T-bar shrug.

Why the T-Bar Shrug?

There are a number of ways you can target your traps and upper back in a workout, including barbell deadlifts, face pulls, and rack pulls, and while all of those will certainly do the trick to a certain degree, none of them will hit those Targeted areas with more economy or efficiency than the T-bar shrug.

What Is the T-Bar Shrug?

According to Kelowna strength coach Ilija Jahura, another one of the big advantages of the T-bar shrug is just how simple it is. All you need is a barbell, some plates, and a little bit of room.

If you didn’t already know, a T-bar setup is when you straddle a barbell that has one end loaded with plates (and potentially a V-grip on it if you want a better handle) and lift that end up toward you. To ensure that the barbell is stable, you can wedge it into a corner or weigh it down with dumbbells.

The T-bar shrug uses the T-bar setup in a slightly different way than a T-bar row. You’ll grab the bar or V-grip with a neutral grip and then stand upright.

Next, you’ll do what is essentially a shrug, only using your arms a little bit to better access your traps. Bend at the elbow and keep them pointed back, making sure not to rotate your shoulders internally.

For this workout to be effective, you need to strike a good balance between the number of reps and the length of the hold. The more reps you do, the shorter you need to hold it, and vice versa.

For example, a 20-rep set only requires about a one-second hold, while a 10-rep set will require about a two or three-second hold. Aim for the entire workout to last somewhere between 45 seconds and a minute.

The Importance of the Upper Back

It’s not usually difficult to sell weightlifters on the importance of developing strong traps, as those are some of the most noticeable and aesthetically pleasing muscles one can have.

However, the upper back is not always prioritized, and that’s a mistake. Strong upper back muscles can help improve your posture and prevent debilitating injuries. Make sure to give them the time of day with this T-bar shrug exercise.

Who Is Ilija Yahura?

Ilija Jahura is a fitness and health expert based in Kelowna, British Columbia. He is committed to helping every client become the best version of themselves through diet planning, cardiovascular development, weight training, and more.

When Jahura isn’t at work, he can often be found spending time with friends and family. As someone who is interested in learning what the body can do, Ilija is known around town for being a major sports fan: basketball, football, soccer — you name it!

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