Kelowna referee retires after directing 10,000 hockey video games

Not that Dave ‘Mac’ McClellan was counting.

But he estimates that he has refereed around 10,000 hockey games for over 50 years.

“Well, I started refereeing in 1970-71 and it’s not difficult to say that I’ve played 200 games a year, so yeah, that’s probably 10,000 or more,” McClellan said with a laugh.

For 44 years of this half century, 1977-2021, McClellan was a referee and head umpire (1978-2004) at Kelowna Minor Hockey, overseeing regular season, playoff and tournament games at all levels.

He retired from Kelowna Minor Hockey that month but will continue to help develop new umpires for BC Hockey at the BC Hockey League and Western Hockey League levels.

</who>Dave ‘Mac’ McClellan, second from right, retired this month after serving 44 years as a Kelowna Minor hockey umpire.  He is pictured here wearing the jersey signed by all 90 officials he worked with during his final year of work.  Also featured in the photo are acting Kelowna Minor Hockey committee members Derek Lang (left), Larry Lenarduzzi, Bryce Medd, and Darcy Sigfuson.  “class =” img-responsive “src =” “style =” margin: 5px; “/></p>
<p>“Mac has been a permanent fixture with us since 1977,” said Larry Lenarduzzi, the current head judge for Kelowna Minor Hockey.</p>
<p>“His real gift was mentoring. Many great officials have seen Kelowna at international events on their way to the WHL and Hockey Canada as well. We can honestly say that we are all better officials thanks to Dave McClellan.”</p>
<p>Speaking of international hockey, the high point of McClellan’s refereeing career came in 1990 when he led the Team Canada versus Team USSR game at the Trail Arena.</p>
<p>“Well, it was the biggest rivalry in the hockey world and Canada won. I remember the rink being full and the spectators hanging from the beams of the building,” he recalled.</p>
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