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Willems’ Manila mission

Photo: Contributed – Hal Willems

The streets of Manila

Photo: Contributed – Hal Willems

The McDonalds in Manila

Photo: Contributed – Hal Willems

Family asking for handouts

Photo: Contributed – Hal Willems

Willems reads to a group of poor children

Photo: Contributed – Hal Willems

Exterior of a home in squatter area

Photo: Contributed – Hal Willems

Willems with a group of kids

Photo: Contributed – Hal Willems

Willems delivering gifts to happy children

Photo: Contributed – Hal Willems

Willems posing with a family inside their home

Photo: Contributed – Hal Willems

Volunteer staff preparing the gifts

Photo: Contributed – Hal Willems

A very happy girl receives a special doll

Every year, Kelowna resident Hal Willems travels to some of the poorest areas of Southeast Asia to help feed the needy and to spend quality time with the local residents.

Willems has been kind enough to share his stories and photos with us, and we are truly inspired by the work he is doing – especially at this time of year.

Before I left, my daughter Barb had bought a variety of gifts, as she knew I was going to visit the poorest folk in Manila, the Squatter Area.

Along with the gifts, she had this doll for some special girl. You will see from the photos how this doll found its home arms of Precious Girl, named Mary Grace. Little did I realize that so soon I was able to place this gift.. and be part of a Mothers Dream for Christmas for her girl …Very humbling…

The place is called All For Christ Glory, which caters to the poorest of the poor, kindergarten children from the nearby Squatter area.

Photo: Contributed – Hal Willems

A view inside a squatter’s home in Manila

The story of beginning of this ministry is most remarkable. I first met Pastor Ver and Lorna at a Missions Conference in Bangkok, and we immediately connected. When Pastor Ver and Lorna started this some years ago, they were renting, then the owner gave them notice, putting it up for sale. The board got together to discuss purchasing, but the cost was unsurmountable..

They fasted and prayed every morning at 4 AM for weeks on end. At first the owner was NOT sympathetic, but later her heart softened. Through a willing business man who co-signed the bank loan, they now have purchased and can build solid future.

This ministry needs to be promoted. I’ve discussed with Pastor Ver, suggesting that he get Canadian registration numbers, as most Canadians want receipts. I’m inviting him to come to Canada to share his story and get support… so much could be accomplished if they had more funds. They have the building and space but are limited due to lack of funds.

As he states on Motto: “The Harvest is great BUT labourers are few”

How I would like to be instrumental in promoting… maybe some soul in Canada/Kelowna will be touched…

Anyway… after a nice dinner with some board members, we went to visit the squatters. My goodness… so deplorable, thee homes.. with up to 5 families in one space. Yet they seemed proud to show their homes.

So very glad that I had some gifts for them.

This is Christmas to me… looking after the poor.

So time for us to give back… Pay it forward… Nothing can ever replace the Joy and fulfillment it brings. Wish more of us in the Western affluent world could experience this.

– Hal Willems

If this story touches your heart, you can make a difference in someone’s life this holiday season.

Make a donation today to any of the following charities:

Cast A Light for Kelowna Food Bank

Kelowna Gospel Mission 30K Club

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