Kelowna vs Calgary home costs

The numbers speak for themselves.

The benchmark selling price of a nice, typical single-family home in Calgary is $643,000, according to the Calgary Real Estate Board.

The same home in Kelowna is $1,060,000, according to the Association of Interior Realtors.

That means a similar home in Calgary is 39% cheaper.

We’re comparing apples to apples here.

We found a 1,852-square-foot, three-bedroom, three-bathroom home listed for sale for $1,058,000 on Kelowna’s Lowe Court near Okanagan College.

In southeast Calgary, on Chapman Circle, we found a 1,922-square-foot, four-bedroom, three-bathroom home for sale for $644,900.

Both are pictured below.

</who>The benchmark selling price of a typical single-family home in Kelowna is $1,060,000 (pictured, left) and in Calgary it’s $643,000 (pictured, right).” class=”img-responsive”  data-src=”https://www.kelownanow. com/files/files/images/Blank%20850%20x%20446%20(11).jpg” style=”margin: 5px;”/></p>
<p>It’s the kind of dramatic difference that has people moving from Kelowna to Calgary for more affordable housing.</p>
<p>(See comparable prices for townhouses and condominiums in Kelowna and Calgary below).</p>
<p>Earlier this week, KelownaNow did a ‘Bye-bye Kelowna, I’ve moved to Calgary’ story about three people who have recently pulled up stakes in the Okanagan to relocate to Calgary.</p>
<p>The common theme for all three was escaping Kelowna’s unaffordable housing for affordability in Calgary.</p>
<p>“I’m hearing about more and more people moving out of the Kelowna market to more affordable places, not just Calgary, but Edmonton (where a typical single-family home is even cheaper at $494,000) and closer by to smaller towns like Lumby and Salmon Arm,” said Royal LePage Kelowna realtor Amanda Cormier.</p>
<p>“But Kelowna is a desirable area with its great weather, big growth and lifestyle, so there will always be people moving here, too.”</p>
<p>Calgary may have a harsher and longer winter (and no Okanagan Lake and no vineyards), but it is also desirable for its affordability, urban livability, amenities and recreation, booming economy and 50-minute proximity to the playground that is the Rocky Mountains.</p>
<p>In fact, our neighboring province is touting all this in its just-released campaign to encourage skilled workers to move to the land of low taxes, high wages and more than 300 sunny days a year.</p>
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