Kelowna’s Renegade Kitchen goes rogue on vaccination certificates

Kelowna’s Renegade Kitchen and Craft Bar on Leon Avenue in Kelowna lives up to its name.

The vegan restaurant has made it clear that it will not ask customers to show a vaccine, which is now required by public health orders in restaurants and many other public places.

“We’re going to stay open to everyone,” argues Renegade Kitchen’s Instagram page, saying that the restaurant serves delicious home-style cooking. “… not in the business of asking for or discussing your private health information.”

It is unclear what consequences the restaurant could have.

When KelownaNow asked the Kelowna RCMP if they would enforce health regulations in non-compliant restaurants, they referred us to Interior Health and local ByLaw offices.

“The RCMP is not the lead enforcement agency on public health regulation matters,” said Kelowna RCMP spokesman Cpl. Jocelyn Noseworthy in an email.

Indoor health also postponed. “Questions about the enforcement of the BC vaccine card are processed by the Ministry of Health,” said a spokesman for the media department.

From then on it came full circle.

“Enforcement is at the discretion of enforcement officers,” said Marielle Tounsi, senior public affairs officer, “including police, alcohol and cannabis inspectors, gambling investigators and conservationists, all of whom can issue tickets.”

Tounsi also explained how local bylaws can play a role as well.

It’s too early to worry about enforcement, suggested a local elected official.

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<p>“We’re looking at a world that is changing the rules of our lives very quickly,” said Kelowna City Councilor Ryan Donn.</p>
<p>“The reality is that we have to take some time to figure out what the process will be like.”</p>
<p>“I can guarantee,” he continued, “you are working on it behind the scenes, trying to figure out what the action plan is?  so that we can support public health contracts. “</p>
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The Renegade Kitchen and Craft Bar did not respond to our request for an interview on the subject, but the operators seem to be prepared for a setback.

“… we will willingly bear the brunt of the backlash,” said her post.

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<p>Operators admit that their position on vaccination cards could cost them public support.</p>
<p>“… we send so much love in advance,” the post continues, “to everyone who will be incredibly upset about this post.”</p>
<p>The Post also states that there are other restaurants that are taking a similar approach, but “under the table”.</p>
<p>A spokesman for the Ministry of Public Security and the Attorney General added that a working group on inter-agency enforcement of COVID-19 is in preparation.</p>
<p>This group includes ministries of provincial government, health authorities, provincial compliance and enforcement officers, WorkSafeBC, police and community officers. </p>
<p>While enforcement remains a bit of a mystery, the Department of Health stated that owners / operators can face fines of up to $ 2,300 for violating public health orders, depending on the violation. </p>
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