Kelowna’s ‘The Carbons’ band goes on stage-on-wheels tour – Okanagan

The Carbons roll through town in their new amusement ride, a traveling venue that is sure to bring live music back into our lives.

“We had this idea back in April. At first I didn’t want to tell anyone because it’s so crazy and I decided to tell as many people as possible because I wanted to be accountable and I wanted the project to actually move forward, ”said Tomy Thisdale, The Carbons.

Now the idea has become a reality – the band has invested in the bus and has big plans.

“We’re bringing it across the country,” said Thisdale. “Our goal is to do 100 houses or 100 shows across Canada in 30 days.”

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The band even named their traveling stage.

“When I explained to one of my friends … she said, ‘Oh my god, you should call the bus Carol because you come around and sing,’ and I thought, ‘that’s awesome,'” Thisdale said.

Now they roll up, open the doors and surprise neighbors and passers-by with a little rock’n’roll.

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“People are just empty, stare and curious,” said Paul Minor, The Carbons.

“Then we come up with our sign and the ramp and then you see a drum kit and suddenly Tomy has set up his microphone and guitar and suddenly people are watching and smiling.”

They are now fundraising for a major Canada tour and anyone hosting a show can write their name on the bus as they rock through province after province.

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