Listed here are the very best locations to work in Kelowna, rated by the individuals who work there, on native enterprise information

Newcomers are crucial to the mix. “The more companies join the list, the stronger the Kelowna community becomes,” said Lieurance.

The survey highlights the benefits of a dynamic work environment, said David G. Brown, President and CEO of the Greater Kelowna Chamber. The 2020 winners “know what it takes to build and promote successful teams.”

Top job surveys are conducted in numerous markets across the United States. Kelowna’s initiative was founded in 2003 by Baird Holm with the support of the Chamber, a relationship that continues.

Companies register and employees receive a link to an online survey that is managed and analyzed by Quantum Workplace. Companies that have received top marks in the top 5 of their category in a number of workplace reviews.

Out of 3,955 completed surveys from 42 participating companies, Kelowna’s average score for employee participation was 88.40% in 2020, compared with 86.83% in 2019.

While the answers are confidential, Kelowna consistently scores higher than other markets in two areas at the national level, according to Lieurance.

One of them is flexibility in the workplace. Employees generally feel good about work-life balance and say their needs are being met. The second is that employees take pride in where they work.

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