Man with no arms or legs picks up new watersport rapidly – Kelowna Information

No arms, legs; fast learner

A Kelowna man with some unique challenges tried a unique water sport last week, and he picked it up in a matter of minutes.

Chris Koch was born without legs and arms, but he’s never let that hold him back from doing what he wants. Koch gets around using a longboard, and he’s completed the Calgary marathon on it in just four hours and 23 minutes.

But last week, he used a different type of board on Okanagan Lake, and excelled.

Carey Missler is the co-owner of MSLR Electric E-Foil, a local company which makes self-propelled surfboard-like devices that float above the water.

“Chris had been reaching out to us off of our Instagram and asking us to come out and we said ‘let’s go for it,’” Missler said.

“Chris is a motivational speaker and he pushes himself to the max all the time and does a lot of different activities from shark diving to bungee jumping and I guess this was just next on the list for him.”

They took Chris out on the water last week, and Missler says he took to it faster than anyone else he’s seen.

“We teach people all the time and Chris was literally our fastest student and within five minutes he was up foiling, ripping around. It was just an unbelievable experience,” Missler said.

“We were all in awe, literally, because we go out there all year long and teach people, no matter their skills, previous experience or whatever. And Chris literally picked it up in minutes and was on his own and actually going faster than one of our instructors.”

The video of Chris’ E-foil experience can be viewed above.

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