Mates shock Kelowna man with radio-controlled lawnmower | Dwell life

Ticknor, who makes a living on a truck, couldn’t work. He was unable to participate in auto club activities or ride a motorcycle with his wife. The remodeling of the kitchen has been put on hold. He can’t even play with his grandchildren.

“I’m a pretty active guy. I never sit down, ”said Ticknor. “It was very frustrating not being able to do anything.”

One day Ticknor heard a mower start outside. He looked out the window and found his friend and Shriner Bob Duff mowing the lawn.

Duff, who lives in Bellevue, started mowing Ticknor’s lawn in April. Jumping in to help out his friend was a breeze.

Grant Ticknor’s new remote controlled lawnmower will maneuver his yard in his home in Kelowna on Tuesday, October 27, 2020.


“Grant is a pretty good egg,” said Duff. “As Shriners, we are there to help children and to help one another.”

Twice a week, even in the scorching summer heat, Duff loaded his mower into his pickup truck and went to Ticknor’s house. Gardening usually took a little over an hour. Duff said he also appreciated a well-tended garden.

“You really feel that someone would take the time out of their own schedule,” said Ticknor.

Still, said Ticknor, it drove him a little crazy to sit inside while he heard Duff working in the yard.

Duff said to him, “You will mow before you know it.” Ticknor doubted it.

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