Matthew Hansen’s Prime 10 Locations to Drink in Kelowna, Circa 2018 | information

But it’s stupid and proof that Kelowna cocktail culture has not yet reached a level where you can just walk into an old bar and get a decent Manhattan like Hal Daub surely intended.

But that’s why I’m here, Kelownans and tourists alike.

Life is short. You shouldn’t waste it on crap-flavored vodka, light house beer that isn’t suitable for a goat’s hydration, or cocktails that are so lousy that they need official investigation.

Without further ado, here’s the 2018 version of Old Man Drinker’s Best Kelowna Places to Drink.

As always, it’s in the reverse order of how lists should be. So if you suffer from attention deficit disorder then you can skip old # 1 of 2018.

As always, this is a 38 year old man’s opinion of the best cocktail bars, which is why you won’t find your beloved beer-soaked dive or even the legendary Homy Inn on this list. If this upsets you, feel free to troll me half drunk online.

10. The tavern

As far as I know, there is only one bar in Kelowna where you can enjoy a fine cocktail from a Scottish-inspired drinks menu while a DJ plays dance music and an Kelowna-very diverse amount of chats and dances and generally feels a little better about being a fan the humanity.

The tavern on S. 10th St. 514 is not an old market bar in color by number, which is why I support it.

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