Mayoralty candidate guarantees lobbyist registry in Kelowna – Kelowna Information

Dyas pledges transparency

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If Tom Dyas is elected mayor in next month, he says he plans to create Kelowna’s first ever lobbyist registry and hire a city integrity commissioner.

Both are part of his transparency and accountability platform.

In a news release, Dyas says if he is elected mayor, he will commit to creating a municipal lobbyist registry in which developers, resident groups or anyone else seeking to influence government decisions must register in a publicly viewable registry.

“Residents often feel as though decisions are made well before they every reach council meetings,” said Dyas.

“Creating a lobbyist registry will provide the public with information on how many times any individual(s) met with local government officials to influence their decision-making.”

Dyas says it’s time to clear the air at city hall.

He says the addition of an integrity commissioner would ensure any public complaints concerning the actions of an elected official would be reviewed fairly and independently.

“Kelowna is no longer a small town,” said Dyas.

“It’s time we modernize our systems to ensure that city hall has the transparency and accountability that residents expect from their decision-makers.”

At the present time, Surrey is the only city in B.C. with a lobbyist registry while Vancouver is the only city with an integrity commissioner.

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