Meals Financial institution ‘retains on truckin’ – Kelowna Information

Thanks to a generous donation from the Kelowna New Car Dealers Association the Kelowna Community Food Bank is better able to assist clients both locally and out of town.

The association stepped up with a contribution of $8,000 towards the cost of a new truck. They also used their expertise to locate and purchase the two-ton cube van.

Photo: Wayne Moore

New Car Dealers Association President, Adrian Wyant, in front of a new van his association helped provide the Kelowna Food Bank.

“This one was bought at Jacobsen Pontiac. It was a local van, pre-owned. It was one or two years old,” says association president, Adrian Wyant.

“We hooked up with Jacobsen and made the deal through him.”

Wyant says it wasn’t a difficult decision to decide to help out after hearing about the plight of the Food Bank.

“It’s always hard to choose one but this is one that had a particular need and we have expertise when it comes to sourcing and being able to deliver vehicles. It seemed like a natural fit for us to help out.”

Food Bank Executive Director, Vonnie Lavers, says they were in need of a vehicle.

She says the old truck was nearly 10 years old and in desperate need of replacement.

“Our old truck had to be taken off the road. It was becoming a massive concern for us,” says Lavers.

“Also maintenance was going through the roof. It was long overdue that we replace the truck that was doing over 21 runs a day. It’s a great for us when the New Car Dealers stepped up to the plate and helped us purchase this truck.”

The new truck is a 2007 model and is also twice the size at two tons opposed to the old one ton.

“We’ll be able to pick up heavier loads, it’s able to go to the coast to pick up heavier loads, and pick up in Vernon from our National Food Sharing Program. We certainly can move a lot more food.”

Lavers says they will also be able to load more Okanagan fruit for trips to Vancouver and Calgary during the growing season.

“The truck will not leave empty.”

This is not the first time the New Car Dealers Association has come to the aid of the food bank.

“Roughly two years ago we purchased a late model refrigerated van to be able to run fresh, perishable food to the food bank,” adds Wyant.

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