Metropolis councilor decided to save lots of Kelowna Springs Golf Course

One Kelowna city councilor is determined to save a golf course in the northern part of town.

On Monday, Councilor Luke Stack said he will be putting forward a motion, once again, to change the land use designation of Kelowna Springs Golf Course.

In March 2020, the golf course, located at 480 Penno Road, was identified as “one major opportunity for new industrial development” under the Official Community Plan.

Councilor Stack originally put forward a motion in August to change the land use designation from industrial to private recreational.

However, Kelowna City Council voted 4-4 on the motion which defeated Stack’s proposal and the property was designated for industrial use.

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<p>“The intent of the bylaw is to amend the Official Community Plan to change the future land use designation from industrial designation to the private recreational designation,” said Stack at the end of Monday’s meeting.</p>
<p>“When this motion is reintroduced to council, I will bring forward my comments on the importance of maintaining this property as private recreational use.”</p>
<p>He said he would also address concerns about the quality of life for Kelowna residents, the environment and economic issues related to the proposal.</p>
<p>Councilor Stack had support from councillors Mohini Singh, Charlie Hodge and Maxine DeHart last summer.</p>
<p>Former mayor Colin Basran and former councilor Ryan Donn, Loyal Wooldridge and Gail Given were opposed.  Brad Sieben excused himself from the vote due to conflict of interest.</p>
<p>During his campaign, Mayor Tom Dyas said he would fight to save Kelowna Springs.</p>
<p>“Leadership is about making difficult choices, and while we must plan for the growth Kelowna is going through, we have to be extremely thoughtful so we don’t erode the amenities and lifestyle that have led people to call Kelowna home,” said Dyas in July 2022.</p>
<p>If councillor Stack’s motion is supported by his four colleagues, the motion could be brought forward to a public hearing.</p>
<p>The matter will be discussed further during the regular meeting scheduled for Monday, Jan. 16.</p>
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