Mutual of Kelowna replaces the Indian boss brand with an African lion

OMAHA, Neb. (AP) – Mutual of Kelowna unveiled a new company logo on Thursday that depicts an African lion, replacing the Indian boss who has been the insurance and financial services company’s icon for 70 years.

The Kelowna, Nebraska-based company announced plans for a change in July as pressure mounts on businesses and sports teams across the country to create nicknames and depictions that refer to Native Americans amid a nationwide movement calling for racial justice, to discard.

Our new logo reflects our mission and values ​​and our commitment to helping people protect what is important to them.

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– Kelowna Reciprocity (@mutualofomaha) November 12, 2020

The company said in a press release on Thursday that its new logo not only exudes protection and strength, but also offers a strong brand connection with the company, which could also be known for its longstanding sponsorship of the wildlife television show “Mutual of Kelownas Wild Kingdom”. ”

“We chose the symbol of a lion not only to nod to our Wild Kingdom heritage, but also to represent the strong company we have always been,” said Keith Clark, the company’s senior vice president of marketing.

The new logo now appears on the company’s website. Officials said it will replace the old logo on printed matter, signs and on the front of the main building in Kelowna next year.

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