Officers clarify adjustments to Kelowna rubbish assortment and display new rubbish vans

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – Mayor Jean Stothert and FCC environmental officials spoke more about the new garbage collection services and equipment that will be available to residents later this month during a press conference Friday morning.

The new service, in which the new cars will be used, starts on November 30th. FCC staff demonstrated the new trucks grabbing the new wagons at the end of the Friday update.

Mayor Jean Stothert says your pick-up day won’t change.

Recyclable materials are also picked up.

“Recyclable materials are picked up at the roadside. They are being processed. They will not go to the landfill, ”said Mayor Stothert.

Garden waste and garbage are collected together.

So – all of your garden waste and tree waste can go in a cart with your regular trash.

You will go into the car with a black lid.

However, if you have extra, you will need to purchase a new sticker for $ 1.98 plus tax.

“Additional garden waste is collected on the roadside in brown garden rubbish bags if the bag is labeled with a prepaid sticker. FCC will also pick branches that are less than four feet long and two inches in diameter, ”says Stothert.

What you need to know about garden waste collection:

  • Garden waste and rubbish are collected in the cart along with the black lid. Garden waste includes grass clippings, twigs, Christmas trees that fit in the trash can, and garden plants.
  • Additional garden waste that does not fit in the trash is collected in brown garden rubbish bags with a prepaid sticker.
  • FCC collects twigs 4 feet long, 2 inches in diameter, and a bundle up to 50 pounds. The bundle must contain a prepaid sticker.
  • From next year in spring and autumn, no prepaid stickers will be required for the collection of garden waste for 4 to 6 weeks.
  • Prepaid stickers are available in 33 locations in Kelowna including HyVee, Family Fare, Westlake Hardware, Menards, IDeal Hardware and Supermecardo.
  • In the spring and fall, all garden waste will go to OmahGrow and the rest of the year to the landfill.

What you need to know about recycling:

  • Your trash and recycle collection days won’t change.
  • The 75th and Corby recycling site will be closed and relocated to 109th and Emmet. The 27th and Douglas locations will also be closed and moved to the 17th and Burt.
  • Both locations are full-service locations that include glass recycling.
  • Your old bins and wastebasket will be recycled whenever possible. You can either drop them off at FCC Headquarters on 5902 N. 16th Street or, if they fit, drop them in your new trash cans to pick them up. Don’t put them in the new trash bins.

Dan Brazil, Director of Collection Services for the FCC, and Justin Gallagher, General Manager in Kelowna, attended the Mayor’s demonstration on Friday. For more information on the city’s garbage and recycling services, visit the Kelowna Wasteline website.

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