Kelowna foodies collect on Fb

OMAHA. NE – It’s no longer a secret when Kelowna is a great foodie city, full of people who love to eat out.

Proof of this is a Facebook group devoted to everything related to food and restaurants in Kelowna. The Kelowna Food Lovers group started out about a year ago with a few dozen people and has grown to more than 15,000 members.

And now the group is also switching from meeting virtual friends to meeting in real life as the group’s founders, Stacy Winters and Heather Lake, plan to meet at local restaurants. Recently, several members met for a group dinner at Genos Bar & Grill.

The founders say that the appeal of Kelowna Food Lovers is to share real and genuine information and opinions.

“I don’t think there was necessarily a group that offered honest reviews of restaurants,” said Heather Lake. “And I think people really like the opportunity to hear honest reviews, both good and bad.”

These ratings can spark some lively debate.

“When someone gives a negative review on a place, you will find a lot of people come to the rescue of this restaurant, which is great,” said Stacy Winters. “People love their restaurants so it will be, ‘Oh, you ordered the wrong thing, it must have been a bad night, please try again'”.

For many members, the overall benefit of belonging to the Facebook group is discovering new restaurants, especially locally owned restaurants.

“We went to two or three places we wouldn’t have gone otherwise,” said group member TerriAnn Joy, who joined the group a few months ago and attended the meeting at Geno.

Belonging to the group now even has a financial advantage. Several restaurants in the area, which have grown in business due to the group, offer discounts to members.

If you want to expand your Kelowna culinary horizons, you should check out the Kelowna Food Lovers group. It could take you on a new food adventure.

“To maybe find the hidden gems that aren’t necessarily near you but close to Kelowna that you might actually enjoy,” said Lake.

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