Kelowna householders embellished for Halloween with COVID-19 message

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – Halloween is only a few days away and the people on the subway are still showing off their creativity with COVID displays. A man gives a mask to a classic.

“Call all cars, call all cars. Man trying to enter an office building on the 4th and Main without a mask, I’m not repeating a mask, ”said Paul Glozeris, creator of this Halloween display.

“Lots of people were making funny songs about the pandemic and stuff and one of them was a parody of the monster mush.”

So it naturally became this year’s anthem of light.

“Well, I’m really excited about the COVID mask song and people are really enjoying it. And that’s one of the reasons I do this every year. I just want people to be happy, ”said Glozeris.

While we can just sit back and enjoy the show, the entire setup process is a tedious process.

“As soon as we dismantle it, we will start planning for the next year. We’re looking for new songs to start planning and things like that. However, the actual set-up begins at the end of August, ”said Glozeris.

The light and music display has been an integral part of the neighborhood for years. Everything from a 2016 Cubs World Series pays homage to this year’s Monster Mask Mashup.

Glozeris has only one wish for everyone who stops by.

“Everyone has a happy Halloween and stays safe. No mask, no entry. “

The last day to see the music and light show is on Halloween night.

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