Kelowna lady provides delivery in a COVID-19 coma

(Kelowna, NE) – An Kelowna mother describes her experience battling COVID-19 and being in a coma while expecting a baby.

Animals Scott White tells WOWT 6 News it was a scary and confusing time. “Kind of looking around like … what’s this, what’s going on here.”

White is now the mother of 9 children after giving birth to her daughter in a coma. Animals told 6 News that she went for a routine check-up while pregnant in early October. During her examination, animals learned that their blood pressure was high and that she was positive for COVID-19. “When I got these results, I went home and placed myself in quarantine.”

She said she returned to the hospital a short time later because she was having difficulty breathing. According to the CDC, the risk of COVID increases in pregnant women – especially with respiratory complications.

Back at Methodist, Animals fell into a coma. “I don’t remember the whole process. I just remember going to the emergency room and then opening my eyes and it was mid-November, “White said.

And while she was in a coma for 33 days, Animals said she almost lost her life. “I apparently fed flat twice. Because of my lung capacity, my breathing. Twice … so it was really my breathing. COVID complications. “

But she survived and had her baby 8 weeks early when she was still in a coma. She says her newborn baby already has the COVID antibodies. “Totally ok. She was born 5 pounds 5 ounces. She’s happy, healthy, and whole, and great, and pampered. You really pampered her when I was gone.”

COVID, a coma, two flatlines, and she beat all chances when she had a newborn. Although she is in the process of relearning how to walk, she says it is important to maintain a good attitude. “I mean, I’m not going to lie, sometimes I go down and out, especially at night when I’m lying here. Just having these struggles here and there to go to sleep and all that, but other than that, positivity is the key. You have to stay happy and positive to keep going. “

Animals says she could come home on Christmas Eve. She now uses a walker for short walks.

(Photo by WOWT 6 News)

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