Kelowna Meals Lovers Fb group that sells t-shirts to assist native companies

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) – A local Facebook group called Kelowna Food Lovers sells t-shirts. All sales proceeds go to small businesses registered through Together a Greater Good (TAGG).

“These places are definitely suffering. They had to change their business model in many cases to reach a full 180, so a lot of people are suffering,” said Stacy Winters, co-founder of the group.

People can visit the TAGG website here, where they can register and text messages to donate to specific restaurants.

Restaurants can also register on the website to be on this list and receive a portion of this income.

The shirt’s designer, Andrew Wettengel, said this was a great way to fund small business owners and show them that the community supports them.

“It’s definitely about making sure the small businesses and local restaurants we love are nearby afterwards,” Wettengel said.

The Kelowna Food Lovers group is accepting pre-orders for the t-shirts until April 14th. They cost $ 22 plus shipping.

To order, visit this website.

Join Kelowna Food Lovers here on Facebook.

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