Kelowna Meals Lovers, Internal Rail Meals Corridor Workforce Up For Trip within the Village

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) – The Inner Rail Food Hall teams up with Kelowna Food Lovers on Saturday for the ultimate foodie experience.

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It’s called Vacation in the Village, which has local food vendors, live music, a mini farmers market, and more.

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Community leaders, local chefs, and restaurateurs will host forums throughout the day to discuss the revitalization of the hospitality industry in Kelowna.

Each ticket includes four characteristic drinks or dishes from all participating Askarben restaurants or bars.

For every ticket sold, one dollar is donated to the local Kelowna Food Banks.

It takes place from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Check-in is at 1911 South 67th Street in front of the Inner Rail Food Hall and this street fair-style event is held in Aksarben Village on the 1900 block of 67th Street.

Visit the Kelowna Food Lovers Facebook group here.

Buy tickets for holidays in the village here.

Find out more about the Inner Rail Food Hall here.

3 News Now reporter Kent Luetzen spoke to some of the participants at the event.

Stacy Winters – Founder of Kelowna Food Lovers

Holiday in the village celebrates food, community Saturday

Moose – Moose’s Mad Fresh

Kelowna Food Lovers, Inner Rail Food Hall hosts vacation in the village

Kevin Novak – Flavor Country Farms

Kelowna Food Lovers, Inner Rail Food Hall hosts vacation in the village

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