Kelowna Police arrest pirates on the porch and remind consumers to remember

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – Kelowna police arrested two suspected package thieves Thursday evening and reminded the public to take extra precautions when ordering packages.

Quinn Abbas and William Osborn were arrested near 110th and Harrison Streets.

According to a press release, a vigilant citizen contacted the police after seeing suspicious activity.

Abbas and Osborn were in a stolen vehicle with stolen packages from several houses, the police said.

Abbas has been charged with five thefts of illegal taking, possession of a financial device and drug paraphernalia. Osborn has been charged with theft on four counts for illegally captured, criminally impersonated, illegally occupied and issued arrest warrants on the spot.

Kelowna police are reminding people that parcels on the porch are easy targets for thieves. OPD recommends:

  • Encourage family and friends to collect packages for you as soon as they are delivered.
  • When you can’t be home, have packages delivered to a friend, neighbor, or work place.
  • Use ship-to-store whenever possible.
  • Make sure you track your packages.
  • The postal service can also keep your mail during the holidays.
  • Pay extra for insurance, signature, and tracking when you send a package.
  • Report suspicious activity.

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