Kelowna Police Division warns mother and father of kid security package fraud

The Kelowna Police Department warns parents of a scam they have been made aware of regarding child safety kits.

Police say scammers advertise child safety kits but ask for personal information that should never be shared, such as: B. Social Security Numbers. According to the OPD, in some cases, scammers ask to meet with the child at home. They say this is likely done to pressure parents to divulge sensitive information that could lead to identity theft.

Kelowna police say there are legitimate children in the child safety market, but parents should help collect information such as fingerprints, DNA, and pictures of the child. They say this information will be collected and given to the police in the event a child is missing. Police say these kits are for parents’ use and should never be sent to a company that claims to be holding them.

For more information on the Better Business Bureau fraud, please visit here.

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