Kelowna Public Works is reminding residents to eliminate outdated bins

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – People who live in Kelowna are finding out that the city’s new garbage truck, FCC Environmental Services, won’t pick up trash if you put it in our old cans instead of the new carts.

Officials say you can take your old cans when they fit and drop them in the new trolleys for collection, but officials opened a second drop off point for old bins today and some people are choosing that option.

In just a few hours the workers had collected quite a large pile of trash cans.

All morning Kelowna residents stood in line at Under the Sink, a hazardous household waste collection point, to get rid of their old trash cans.

“Those old cans are actually going to take these to the FCC … The FCC will go through the cans and sort them between what can be recycled and what needs to be landfilled,” said Jim Theiler, assistant director, Kelowna Public Works.

People have come up with other ways to get rid of their old cans, but it seems a lot easier to just turn them up and down.

“I didn’t know what to do with them. A few weeks ago I cut up some and recycled them,” said Kelowna’s Harold Sage.

The location near 120th and I Street is slated to be open through December.

Officials say it might be more convenient for some to put their old bins in the new carts, but they are encouraging residents to drop their old bins at the collection points. They say this will help make resident collection more efficient.

The second drop off point is at the FCC Environmental Services site north of the 16th & Storz Expressway. This page should stay open until January.

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