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“A lot of people (in the work experience program) have problems of some kind,” said Matt Weber, a trained chef. “You may be on parole. You can be homeless. They may not have worked in a while and need something to help create their resume. “

In the café, the Webers mainly serve soup, salad and pizza, which are made as much as possible from fresh, organic and local ingredients. They hoped the menu and concept would attract a clientele that reflected the economically diverse population of downtown Kelowna.

In theory, lawyers, businessmen, construction workers, and government workers would eat elbow to elbow with people who are homeless, unemployed, or both.

It works, said Matt Weber. The crowd at Table Grace Cafe is “70 percent low to no income and 30 percent professional,” he said.

Support for the social enterprise has also increased. The Webers had a donor when they started. Now they have 3,000 people in their donor base.

“It’s amazing how diverse the support we have,” said Matt Weber.

People from across the church also donate their time. So Erin Schultz got involved, which led to the food truck. Schultz, a former nurse technician who had worked with cancer and Alzheimer’s patients, was working as a sous-chef at the downtown kitchen table when she called Matt Weber to ask about volunteering at Table Grace.

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